Which is the Best Guitar for Rock Music?

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When it comes to finding a guitar for playing your loud rock music you need to really sit down and think about what you are looking for. You can find all kinds of guitars. You want to look for a guitar that you can tune and play without having to make sure that it is loud enough. If you want to play the rock music you need to look into buying a electric guitar . If you buy this guitar you need to think of buying the right amp for it. When it comes to an electric guitars you have plenty of ones to choose from.

You can buy a Fender American special Stratocaster which is one of the ones that will allow you to play rock music and it was used by some rock players in history. You can buy a lot of other guitars which include,


  • Gibson Les Paul Junior 2015


  • Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel Of Deth


  • Fender American Special Telecaster


  • Schecter C-1 Hellraiser


  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard (for beginners)


  • Dean V Dave Mustaine


  • Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V


  • Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50’s


These are just a few of the ones you can find. You can find some for beginners some for experts and some for the ones who just like the guitar itself. Anyone can learn to play a guitar it takes a special person to play a guitar. yes there is a difference because if you learn to play one then you can play it but if you play it you know what you are doing. A lot of people go places to learn how to play but most fail because they are tone deaf. If you are tone deaf you will not hear the keys like someone who is not tone deaf. Having to play a guitar because a parent wants you to will make you hate it but if you get the feel of playing a guitar and enjoy it you can make a lot of music with it. Most guitars can be tuned in different ways because people do hear different tones but if you play it right even if it is rock music then people will enjoy it and you can find a career in it. There is no best guitar for rock music. It is not the guitar that you need to worry about it is the person playing the guitar. A guitar can be bought to be played for rock music but if the buyer does not know how to play then it will sound like crap and be a waste of someone’s time and money and energy.

Finding the right guitar for the right person is a problem to. a person may know how to play a guitar but may not know how to play a guitar for a certain type of music so it would be a waste of time for someone to buy a Fender when they can only play an acoustic guitar. When you walk into a music store and see this nice guitar you will want to ask if you can play it then sit and mess with it for a while because if you have no talent then the guitar will not play itself for you. People did not just pick up a guitar and have a talent for it. You must know how to tune it and you must know the strings you are playing because if not you are just playing noise that can get one someone’s nerves real fast and you can think you are playing rock when you are only playing mixed keys.


If you listen to a song and know how to play the guitar then you can tell when a person plays the guitar the tune doesn’t change all that much because of the fact of you have to play the right tune before you can call it music. Some people can walk in music store pick up a guitar and play a song just by hearing it you have to have talent for these things or you will never learn. One main key of playing the guitar is patients if you have none then you will fail right off. If you have talent and can play by ear then you need to take off with your talent so you can move further in life or just so you can enjoy it without the fact of ruining it. No one is perfect you will mess up but you need to keep in mind Rome wasn’t built in a day so your not going to learn in a day. The key to finding the best guitar is to pick it up play it and listen to what is being played. There is no such thing as the best guitar when it comes to rock music. A guitar will never magically play a note without a person’s hands being on that guitar to strum the keys.


So when someone ask you what the best guitar is you may never be able to answer that question nor could you even try to help them. The best guitar is the one you play best yourself. When you pick that guitar up and see that you can play it with no trouble in the world then you have found the best guitar for you everyone is different in their own ways because you really have to think about how someone works their magic with the strings of a guitar.

Go to a music shop, or search online whether for a good rock guitar, top rated acoustic guitars, or any other guitar types, and look at your choices and try each one out and figure out by tone and feel of the guitar which one is best for you. never go by what anyone tells you because they could be wrong in so many ways. It’s like a baby trying to walk not one baby learns to walk the same because they have to learn how to on there very own. It is the same with a guitar.

If you think it’s too late to become an acoustic artist, think again. As long as you get trusted reviews on each guitar brand, type, or model, like what you see on this page: http://bestguitar.reviews/top-cheap-acoustics-for-the-money/under-1000 you’ll find the perfect guitar quite easily — don’t forget to consider your budget, though!

Tips for Starting a Band

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Once learning the fundamentals of how to play an instrument, many individuals consider starting a band. Sure it’s fun to play music for personal enjoyment, but it is more fun to play for the enjoyment of others. Paying in a band keeps the band members musically motivated and excited. Praise from the audience and the joy experienced through creating and performing music is what will keep the musician wanting more.


CREATING A REHEARSAL SPACE: Make sure that there is an area where the prospective band members will audition. This areas must have good acoustic sound. This allows the most clear and perfect notes from each potential musical to be heard. The area must also be comfortable for the musician. Provide water, comfortable chairs, and a variety of microphones and headsets. If there is absolutely no type of area that is available and has the necessary items, consider renting a rehearsal space.

rehearsal room

CREATING THE BAND: Advertising and word of mouth are the most popular ways of finding band members. Advertising is best in music magazines, local newspapers, and local clubs. It may be beneficial to also place flyers in colleges, clubs, and music stores. The internet is also a common area to place ads.


CREATING THE AD: The most common mistake when creating an ad is that the band’s level of performance is misrepresented. Be honest when discussing experience and level of musical talent. When everyone concerned is honest, then no musician is wasting his/her time. Make sure that the ad expresses exactly what type of instrument is needed and what genre of music is being played by the band. Remember to include different types of contact, such as, cell number, email, or website.


HOLDING AUDITIONS: Make a list of important questions regarding the new band hire and make sure to keep detailed notes over each audition. Upon deciding that a musician is a possible candidate for the job, then schedule the rehearsal. Be prepared to provide the musician with the audition music. By selecting the song, the band sees the a specific type of music that they show cases. This is also the appropriate time to find out what type of schedule the potential hire is willing to commit to playing. There must be a specific amount of hours scheduled and committed to when the band begins to form.


HOLDING BAND REHEARSALS: It is a good idea to create a multi-track recording of every song that is being rehearsed. This allows the band to ad a musician whenever they are not there to rehearse. Or this also allows for the other members of the band to hear a single instrument for constructing new musical ideas. This is also an opportunity to make recordings that leave out an instrument. Each person’s specific recording does not have their personal instrument. Then the tape can be used by that specific person, to practice while away from the studio. Being flexible with and how individuals practice is the most difficult part of being in a band. Allowing this type of practice to take place has created a much more diverse band practice, yet it allows each member to be ready for the show.

band rehearsal


DIVISION OF RESPONSIBILITY: Once the band is formed, various duties must be divided among the members. Be sure that everyone in the groups has specific responsibilities. This way no one will be overwhelmed by any type of responsibility. One person will be assigned as the “leader.” The band leader will oversee the entire operation. He/She will make sure that each member is doing their assigned job and be the organized of the entire band effort. The band leader is also the person who will book performances. When a member is deemed “burnt out” then the band as a whole should be responsible for approaching the individual. There must be some type of agreement for band members that leave, as well as stay.