The Battle of the Floors

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If you ask me, I would never be one to deny that I love hardwood floors in my home, but the flip side is that they take some effort to keep clean and so I am always on the search for more efficient and cost-effective ways to keep them looking their best. I could not just take my own tips and guidelines, however, and so I took time to ask my friends and colleagues about the best products available today to maintain hardwood surfaces.


Of course, there are a slew of magazines that provide plenty of instruction on how to best maintain your hardwood floors, and I have done my share of browsing and taking notes to be able to tell just about anyone how effective some products truly are. You would be surprised at just how many people do not even know how to efficiently vacuum and there are even up-to-date guides on those steps as well. There are a lot of great benefits to having hardwood floors, but anyone that has had them for some time understands how tedious the process can be to keep them in pristine condition.


Thankfully, there are so many various methods that one can incorporate into maintaining their floors. The methods you ultimately decide on should be a reflection of the hardwood floors in your house. For those of you have that have their surfaces sealed with poly acrylic or polyurethane that is water and stain resistant, you will find that your floors are easier to maintain and keep clean. For those older floors that are typically sealed with varnish, shellac, or lacquer, the same cleaning methods cannot be used. Once you decide on the methods, the rest will fall into place, but the most important thing is to always utilize the method that is the most gentle on your floors. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning your hardwood floors.


Use Water-Based Cleaners

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Nearly every type of water-based cleaner will be easy and safe to use. For floors that are older or unfinished and not as resistant to water, these types of cleaners are not advisable. You will also need to find out the PH level of the cleaners you use as those with a high PH can dull finishes of hardwood floors over time. Those with lower PH work well primarily as rinsing agents. For extra safety and precaution, select cleaners that are PH neutral.


Damp Mopping

Picture putting cleaning solution in a mop barrel

Damp mopping, also known as spot mopping, uses a minimum of water that is dipped into the water-cleaner solution and then wrung until the mop is almost dry again. Then, you mop the spots and repeat the process as needed. Use a mop or dry cloth when finished mopping so that no excess water is left behind.


Removing Scratches with Hardwood Finish


There are times when you don’t necessarily have to clean the entire floor and if you should see a scratch that is deep, try a floor finish and artist’s brush to fill in the scratch. It is worth noting that hardwood floors should be refinished approximately every 5 to 10 years, with those in the kitchen needing to be replaced every 2 to 4 years.